Snow Storm Clean Up

Upper Michigan continues to dig out from the worst winter weather we have seen so far this season.

The winter storm over Lake Superior and the U–P is continuing to bring us plenty of snow and cold.

Digging out from the storm means moving anywhere from 3 or 4 inches to more than a foot of snow, with the wind blowing much of that around!

And, digging out means bundling up…

Temperatures barely into the double digits for highs today coupled with steady winds made for a very chilly day.

The storm may be on its’ last legs, but could still drop another inch or two of snow this evening in some areas.

And, before that calmer weather pattern arrives, there’s plenty of snow to move.

The Michigan Department of Transportation issued reminders today:

Piling snow at the ends of driveways near roads and pushing snow across roads can create hazardous conditions.

M–Dot says piling or depositing snow that obstructs vision is a violation of Michigan’s vehicle code.

Leaving a trail of snow on the pavement while plowing across the road also can cause problems.

The snow can become packed and create ridges on the road, creating an icy patch.

Keeping sidewalks clear is important to help people walk safely.