E.Coli in Houghton Area

At least seven people have suffered E-Coli infections originating from a Houghton restaurant.

The Western U.P. Health Department has issued a statement saying the cases originated over the Christmas holidays.

An investigation has determined that the likely cause was an ill food-handler at the Ambassador Restaurant.

The restaurant owner and staff have been cooperating with the Health Department during the investigation.

The restaurant remains open for business and the Health Department says there is no anticipated on-going risk of illness due to the outbreak,

Initially 3 local and 2 non-local cases were identified and two more cases were discovered during the investigation.

Four of the cases required hospitalization. No deaths have occurred.

The Health Department asks that anyone who became ill with bloody diarrhea in late December or early January to contact them at 482-7382.

Sick individuals should seek medical attention immediately.