Moose Head Hoax

It was all just a hoax.

That’s the determination by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources after someone stuck the head of a dead moose on a rock with a sign saying “Wolf’s wont get this one!”

The DNR believes the stunt last October was meant to draw attention to alleged moose poaching but only resulted in wasting valuable resources and time investigating the incident.

The moose head was found to have come from a legally harvested moose in Canada. The hunter had returned with the moose and brought it to a meat processor in Negaunee. The unused portions of the carcass were meant to be disposed of.

At some point, an unknown person took possession of the head and displayed it along a roadside in Humbolt Township.

“While the outcome of this case is positive, in the sense that a moose poaching did not take place, it is also disheartening that someone chose to express themselves in this manner, which resulted in a waste of public resources, through the time and expense involved in investigating and closing this case,” said DNR Lt. Timothy Robson.

Though the hunter has been cleared of any charges, the DNR would still like to locate the hoaxer for prosecution.