City Manager Office Hours

If you live or work in the city of Marquette, the city manager wants to talk with you.

Besides being open to visitors at City Hall, Bill Vajda hosts community office hours.

He’s open to discussing any issues or concerns people might have.

Vajda says most people who come to the office hours are there to discuss an issue that has come before the City Commission, to discuss an event or idea they’d like to promote, just to say hello, and to ask questions about an issue they’re having involving city government.

Some people are surprised that Vajda doesn’t bring a pencil or paper to the office hours to keep notes, but handheld devices like the Blackberry that Vajda uses can do the same job in a matter of seconds.

Vajda holds the office hours about once a month at the Peter White Public Library.

They usually take place on a Wednesday from 10 am to noon.