Ad-Hoc Discusses Regional Recreation Authority for Marquette County

Establishing a Regional Recreation Authority for Marquette County is not a new idea. Some Elected Officials have been working towards the change for years. And now that an ad–hoc committee has been formed area Communities could be in for some changes. Marquette County Municipalities are making headway towards the formation of a Regional Recreation Authority. The Recreation ad–hoc Committee met today to further discuss the vision for the authority. The Committee is made up of elected officials from the Townships of Chocolay, Marquette and

Sands as well as the City of Marquette. Chocolay Township Supervisor Greg Seppanen said “What we could be talking about are the different unit’s of government giving up control to regional authority of their recreational assets.” The assets are different in each community and can include sports fields, camping areas, hiking trails or even the lakeview area. Marquette Township Trustee Lyn Durant says “the biggest concern will probably be which assets we put into this Authority, because one person’s view of an asset is not the same as another.” The goal behind the Authority is to utilize the entire area’s assets in the most efficient manner.

Members of the ad–hoc will now go back to their respective boards to decide what they would like to be included as a recreational asset as well as completion of a goals inventory. The Regional Recreation ad–hoc committee plans to meet again on February 29th in Sands Township.