No Charges yet in Marquette Meth Lab

Charges have not yet been filed in connection with a meth lab discovered Friday afternoon in Marquette. A tip from a landlord led police to the suspected meth lab. The Marquette Police Department was notified about the suspected lab at 510 West Bluff Street about 4 p.m. Friday.

The landlord told police he had seen what he believed to be components of a meth lab. Officers verified what the landlord had observed: components of a meth lab in the basement of the home and the very strong odor related to the making of meth. The area was secured and Marquette police officers notified the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team.

UPSET detectives, executing a search warrant, recovered evidence of the suspected meth lab. The Drug Lab Disposal Company from Grand Rapids was contacted to secure the hazardous materials recovered at the home. The Marquette Fire Department also responded to the scene.

The investigation is continuing by the Marquette Police Department and UPSET.