Hit and Run Accidents on the Rise

The driver who hit amy roberts never saw her.

He did not run from the scene.

But accidents where the person responsible breaks the law by fleeing have become very common in the UP recently. One of the more recent hit and runs took place two nights ago on Fisher Street in Marquette.

A pickup truck slid through the intersection, hitting a young man’s car.

The truck driver fled the scene.The law says all parties in an accident must stop and exchange information. If you’re in an accident and the other driver doesn’t stop, police say it’s important to remember, or write down, as much information as you can. And if you witness a hit–and–run, it’s not a good idea to chase the fleeing driver. So what’s the most common thread between drivers responsible for hit–and–run accidents?

Roger zappa says a hit–and–run driver who was drunk or under the influence of drugs will sometimes report involvement in an accident after the fact. It’s also common for a hit–and–run driver to have been driving without a valid license. Leaving the scene of an accident carries a sentence of up to 15 years, a $10,000 fine, or both, depending on the severity of the accident.