Pamida and Shopko Merging

In retail news, Upper Michgan discount shopping saw some changes last year, and it’s in for some more this year.

Pamida stores will cease to exist within the next year or so.

The company is merging with Shopko.

The merged company will use the Shopko name.

Nothing will change at existing Shopko stores and Shopko Hometown stores.

Most Pamida stores will change into Shopko Hometown locations during 2012.

Workers at the re–branded stores will continue to have the same jobs after the switch is made.

Kristie Burns, public relations counsel for Shopko Stores, says the Manistique and Iron River stores are among those that will be re-branded.

She also says a small number of Pamida stores will close their doors rather than switch.

But there’s no word on the future of the Pamida store in L’Anse.

Burns says it will probably remain open and change into a Shopko Hometown store, but she didn’t have any more information than that.

The futures of the stores in Ontonagon and Wetmore are also unknown.