Marquette Company Makes New Synthetic Bone

One of Marquette’s high–tech companies is already known as a medical innovator.

Now Pioneer Surgical has a new type of synthetic bone that’s just entered clinical use on patients.

They call it the nanOsss Bioactive 3D.

It’s made from a crystalline material that Pioneer itself developed.

Three-dimensional shapes are popular in spinal surgery, and the Bioactive 3D serves as a scaffold for the in–growth of new bone.

Besides synthetic materials like this one, grafts can be made from material donated by a bone bank.

Or, the material can come from the patients themselves.

Pioneer chief communications and compliance officer Fred Taccolini says if it comes from the patient, the bone matter is usually taken from the pelvis, which means an additional surgery.

He says the nanOss Bioactive 3D means less discomfort for the patient because of fewer surgeries.

Pioneer Surgical has been based in Marquette for 20 years now, but the nanOss Bioactive 3D is designed and manufactured at Pioneer facilities in North Carolina.