Marquette Police Looking for Suspect in Hit and Run

The Marquette City Police Department is looking for the driver of a vehicle involved in a hit and run in Marquette County earlier Tonight.

It happened at 5:50 pm at the intersection of South Seventh and Fisher Streets. Police say a 23 year old Marquette Resident was driving Southbound on South Seventh Street and attempted to turn East onto Fisher Street when he was struck by a Westbound red pick–up truck. The 23 year old told Officers that the red truck slid through the intersection hitting his vehicle and then took off driving North on South Seventh Street. The victim was conscious and alert but requested treatment at Marquette General Hospital for possible head injuries.

The suspect vehicle is described as an older full size red pick–up truck, it may have damage to its passenger side, near the gas cap.

The driver is said to be a white female.

If you witnessed the incident or have information about the driver or vehicle call the Marquette City Police Department at 228–0400.