Mineral Tax Changes in Marquette County

State Representative Matt Huuki has been working on legislation that would change the way minerals are taxed in Marquette County.

The Marquette County Board discussed the issue at its meeting Tonight and many Commissioners voiced their reservations. The legislation would put a severance tax on minerals at the Kennecott Eagle Mine.

It has yet to be proposed to the house. Initially the goal was to have bill introduced by January 11th so that Kennecott could be assessed.

However facts and figures still need to be tallied. Michigan applies a severance tax to most commodities as they’re severed, or extracted, from the ground. At the moment, that does not include mining, except for low–grade iron mines. The concern is not only knowing the correct number that will keep the tax revenue “neutral” but also keeping that revenue local. Huuki says he is not giving up hope on the deadline that is less than a week away.However he will not introduce the bill unless he and everyone else is comfortable with what direction the legislation is going.This severance tax would replace the Kennecott Eagle Miine’s property taxes.