e-Loft Partners With Renewable Energy Company

The e-Loft, a Marquette-based entrepreneurial support organization, has reached an agreement with Suburb Solar, a U.P. based manufacturer of renewable energy products, to provide growth assistance and management guidance.

“The e-Loft continues its mission to provide necessary expertise and resources to aid entrepreneurs and Stage 1 companies in their efforts to successfully navigate the start-up and growth process,” stated David Saint-Onge, President. “We are excited to team with Suburb Solar to help establish its products and brand in the growing alternative energy market.”

Suburb Solar’s current product, The EasySun Solar Generatorâ„¢, is a portable electric generator. Unlike a gasoline-powered generator, there is no noise, toxic vapor or fuel costs. The product is manufactured in Manistique, Michigan, and has been granted a license under the Pure Michigan campaign. “The solar generator can be operated indoors or outdoors and features 1,500 watts of continuous power; requiring no setup or installation,” states Dustin Denkins, CEO of Suburb Solar. “This particular solar generator is being used in deer camps, ice fishing shanties, tailgate parties and even to support emergency response operations where electrical power is needed but not readily available. This technology works and the uses of our product are enormous,” Denkins went on to say.

The relationship between Suburb Solar and the e-Loft is a synergy that makes sense. “We have been looking for a partner to help us build our company and at every turn we kept hearing about the e-Loft. Once we did our due diligence and discussed our issues with them, it was clear a partnership with the e-Loft made perfect sense for us,” Denkins stated. Saint-Onge agrees with the partnership assessment and added his support of the alternative energy market. “When you consider portability, ease of use, and the inherent need for electrical power, the solar generator products manufactured by Suburb Solar make a lot of sense and will find its niche in a constantly changing marketplace. We appreciate having the opportunity to help promote these products and aid in the growth of an innovative company here in the U.P.”