New Year’s Eve Bar Preparations

New Year’s Eve is now 48 hours away.

That means bars and restaurants are preparing for what may be their busiest night all year.

Many establishments will be open later than usual.

Country Grill Pub and Eatery in Ishpeming would normally close at 11 pm on weekends.

But on New Year’s Eve, the pub will be open until 1 am.

Some others will be open as late as 4 am.

Server Lesley Jandreau says for them, New Year’s Eve is right up there with the night before Thanksgiving for the busiest night of the year.

But what about making sure customers don’t enjoy themselves too much?

Lesley says it involves the same awareness that’s part of serving drinks year–round, but to a greater degree for the special occasion.

She says their bartender has been serving drinks for quite some time and keeps a very watchful eye on how much alcohol her customers have had.