Snowmobile Safety Course

The incident in Houghton County we mentioned a moment ago is a reminder that accidents come hand–in–hand with snowmobile season.

And today, young people had a chance to learn the basics of safety when it comes to riding.

Ten young riders came out to Negaunee high School for a free snowmobile safety course.

The Marquette County Sheriff’s Department teaches it.

The course is recommended for all riders, and it’s required for 12–to–17–year–olds if they want to ride alone.

Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Errikk Decker says the course presents, among many other things, basic information about state law and basic survival information in case a sled breaks down.

Younger riders have to pass a test at the end of the class to get their certificate.

Anthony Moyle of Negaunee says his parents had him take the class to keep him from getting a ticket.

He says much of the overview of state law about snowmobiles was new for him.

Ken Niemi of Michigamme hadn’t heard some of the basic information about how to change belts on a stuck sled so that it could start again.

Sheriff’s departments typically start receiving snowmobile accident and rescue calls at about this point in the winter.

But Sgt. Decker says with the relative lack of snow, that’s not the case at the moment.