New Case of H3N2 Flu Strain

The Centers for Disease Control say an additional case of the new flu strain we mentioned last night has turned up in the U.S.

A child in West Virginia recently came down with the new strain of the H3N2 virus.

This brings the national total since the summer to 12 cases.

Three people in both Pennsylvania and Iowa have come down with the new flu.

Two people each in Indiana, Maine and West Virginia have become infected.

Eleven of the 12 infected people are children.

Even though the new H3N2 strain has not come to Michigan, the state has asked medical professionals to watch for it.

Michigan doctors, nurses, hospitals and labs are testing any patients with flu–like symptoms for H3N2.

The CDC says all 12 people nationwide who’ve been infected with the new H3N2 strain have since recovered.

The new strain is believed to be resistant to some vaccines.