Teaching Family Homes Christmas

Kids from all five group homes in the U.P. celebrated the annual Teaching Family Homes Christmas.

The children got a chance to perform their Christmas play, which centered on a modern version of the original Christmas story.

Kids of all ages showed off their acting and musical talents.

Teaching Family Homes public relations manager Rich Rossway says the event also marks the end of the Adopt a Child program for the year.

The program collected gifts for the children from individuals and corporations throughout the community.

One local resident didn’t just bring a gift, but rather a gift that keeps on giving — the love of reading.

Kia Richmond is an associate professor in Northern Michigan University’s English department.

She asked individual people and publishers for books aimed at kids, teens and young adults.

Besides the donations, she also bought some books meant for those same age groups.

Rio Tinto was also one of the biggest contributors to the Teaching Family Homes Christmas.

The company provided the kids with new flat-screen TVs, Nintendo Wiis and other items.