Studio Gallery Closing Its Doors

One of the area’s best-known art galleries is closing its doors this week.

The Studio Gallery at Presque Isle in Marquette is wrapping up its 17th season of business.

But this season will be its last — the gallery is going out of business this Friday.

Kathleen Conover, the gallery’s owner and one of its co-founders, received a silver medal from the American Watercolor Society this year for one of her paintings.

The award has created new opportunities for her in workshops and exhibitions nationwide.

She says it’s tough to do those things while running a business.

But she says all of the artists involved with the gallery are continuing to produce art, and the gallery will be letting its customers know where their work will be found.

Conover says another gallery may take over the building.

If that doesn’t happen, she may go back to using it as studio space, which is how the Studio Gallery started in the first place.