Pets as Christmas Gifts

Quite a few kids ask parents for a new pet for the holidays, but there’s a long–standing belief that pets don’t make good Christmas gifts.

Some veterinarians are strongly opposed to the idea.

They say because caring for a pet is a choice and a commitment, it should never be a surprise.

Those vets say gift pets are likely to end up in animal shelters, but staff in some shelters disagree.

Dayna Kennedy of the U.P. Animal Welfare Shelter says a pet can actually make an excellent gift if it’s done right.

The choice should be made with care — for example, if your grandmother wants a pet cat, Dayna says it’s not a good idea to pick out the cat for her.

She suggests going with her as she chooses the cat herself.

Many animal shelters offer gift certificates, and those may be a good option for someone in your life who’s looking for a pet.