Helping Your Neighbors Through Hard Times

The issue of homelessness is not exclusive to urban areas.

There is a growing number of people in Upper Michigan who don’t have a place to call home.

The growing epidemic of homelessness doesn’t discriminate.

It affects individuals, families, adults and children.

It doesn’t matter if you have an education or if you served your country.

It can happen to anyone at anytime and a in most cases it comes as a surprise. Without services like “Room at the Inn” and Lutheran Social Services ” Welcome Home Program” people in need in Marquette County would have nowhere to turn.

And without volunteers and donations these programs wouldn’t exist.

Its difficult to say how many people across the nation actually experience being homeless,.

Most studies are limited to counting people who are in shelters or on the streets.

However one national study found that approximately 3.5 million people will end up homeless in any given year.

There are many ways that you can lend a helping hand to the at risk and homeless population in marquette county.

“Room at the Inn” is always looking for more volunteers and donations you can get in touch with shelter staff by calling 906–228–2818.

You can also check out their schedule online at

To donate to The Welcome Home program contact Sarah Fogaroli with Lutheran Social Services. Their number is 906–226–7410 extension 24.

And if you know a veteran in need of housing assistance, call the National call center for homeless veterans at 1–877–4aid–vet.