Pilgrim Watershed Advisory Council named

Three Michigan Tech graduate students will be serving on the Pilgrim River Watershed Advisory Council.


Community input is required as part of a $51,000 grant obtained by the Houghton/Keweenaw Conservation District from NOAA to come up with a management plan for the Pilgrim River Watershed in Houghton County.


1st-Year Master’s Student in Civil Engineering Bonnie Switzer said the students are all part of Michigan Tech’s S-TEM program which give scholarships to do sustainable-related projects.


Switzer said they chose to do a local sustainable project rather than one overseas.

She went on to explain that the Watershed Council would be made up of community members from a number of different constituencies and stakeholders coming to together to form the management plan for the 15,600 acre Pilgrim River Watershed.


Switzer said the council would meet about four times for an hour or two between January and April and will pull together the community input.


City Councilman Craig Kurtz expressed interest in representing the city on the Watershed Council.