Dogsled Rides for Kids

There isn’t much snow on the ground, but there was just enough this past weekend for dogsled rides in Calumet.

It was a dog–day afternoon in Calumet as the Copper Dog 150 gave free dogsled rides to kids in Agassiz park.

Nearly 200 children braved the chilly temperatures for a ride around the track, pulled by a team of lovable and energetic dogs.

The day’s activities began with a chance to meet and pet the stars of the show — the dogs.

Then it was off to the races.

Copper Dog 150 board chair Doug Harrer said the event was all about the kids, but the dogs enjoy the occasion, too.

Though it was cold outside on Saturday for people, for the dogs — who are used to temperatures at 10 below zero — it was actually quite warm.

Harrer said he was very pleased with the way the weather turned out for the day.

The main event, the Copper Dog 150 sled dog race, comes to the Copper Country in March and will open in Calumet.