Civil Counsel Search

Since the 1970s, Marquette County has obtained its legal advice from the Prosecuting Attorney’s office.

But the civil counsel job will become a stand–alone, full–time position starting New Year’s Day.

The County Board interviewed two candidates for the job this afternoon.

Besides serving in the State House, Stephen Adamini has served as Marquette City Attorney and Powell Township Attorney.

He’s offered to take the civil counsel job on a part–time basis.

Adamini says the Marquette City Commission once made the City Attorney position a full-time position and wasn’t satisfied with the results.

Current civil counsel Cheryl Hill is the other candidate.

She says the job involves long hours and a broad range of legal issues, from employee contract talks to public health situations.

Hill says she’s dealing with one of the latter right now with the help of the county Health Department, and she says she gets calls at midnight about various issues on at least an occasional basis.

Former Marquette City Attorney Bonnie Hoff also applied for the job, but she’s since withdrawn herself from consideration.