Green Bay Packers Stock Sale

It’ll cost $250 to own a piece of the Green Bay Packers.

The rare stock sale was big business for the only community–owned NFL team.

Proceeds will be used to help pay for another round of renovations at Lambeau Field.

The team received 1,600 orders in the first 11 minutes of the sale today — that’s $400,000!

It’s just the fifth stock sale in the team’s 92-year history and the first one since 1997.

Buyers get a piece of paper declaring them a team owner, voting rights and the right to attend the annual stockholder meeting at Lambeau each summer before training camp.

and, they get access to a special line of shareholder apparel.

what they don’t get: any chance of increased value in the stock, dividends, or bumped up in line on season tickets.