USOEC Weightlifters excel in Alabama

Courtesy of NMU Athletics/USOEC

MARQUETTE – Two United States Olympic Education Center weightlifters won gold and silver at the 2011 American Open in Mobile, Ala., Dec. 2-4.
Northern Michigan University senior Allie Henry (River Falls, Wis.) placed first in the 69 kilogram weight class, lifting a total of 193 kg, a new personal record. Henry successfully completed all three snatch lifts with a high of 93 kg and a clean and jerk lift of 100 kg.
Sophomore Shelbie Serpan (Clearwater, Kan.) placed second with a total of 204 kg at the 75+ kg weight class. Also setting a new personal record, Serpan snatched 90 kg on her second attempt and lifted a clean and jerk of 114 kg.
“I was very pleased how they lifted,” coach Andy Tysz. “I would have liked a few more completed lifts, but almost everyone had their hands on personal records. I will be excited to see our progress in February when we compete at the National Junior Championships.”
Freshman Ryan Borges (Sanford, Fla.) and junior Andrew Vrabel (Highland, Ind.) both placed fourth at the 62 kg and 69 kg weight classes, respectively. Borges completed a snatch of 97 kg and a clean and jerk for 120 kg, totaling 217 kg. Vrabel completed all three snatches for a high of 118 kg. He lifted a clean and jerk of 140 kg on his first attempt, totaling 258 kg.
Also placing fifth was junior Mathew Fraser (Colchester, Vt.) at 85 kg and sophomore Jerilyn “Rael” Smith (Indianapolis, Ind.) at 75+ kg. Fraser lifted a total of 290 kg, 135 kg in the snatch and 155 kg in the clean and jerk. Smith set a new personal record, lifting a total of 179 kg.
About 230 athletes at the American Open were vying for a chance to compete at the U.S. Olympic Trials. The next competition for the USOEC weightlifting team is the 2012 National Junior Championships on Feb. 25.