Medicare Part D Deadline Nears

December 7th is the deadline for Medicare Part D enrollment. If you are looking for Medicare prescription drug plans, you only have until Wednesday to determine what coverage best fits your needs.

Medicare Part D is a federal program that offers prescription drug coverage to anyone with Medicare. Many beneficiaries currently receiving the benefit did not have prescription drug coverage before the Medicare Part D was created.

In 2011, nearly 28 million Medicare beneficiaries received their prescription drug coverage through Medicare Part D through big box pharmacies and local drug stores. But, it’s especially important to sign up now.

Find out what local and national pharmacy representatives have to say on the issue, tonight on ABC 10 News Now with Cynthia Thompson at 5:30 p.m

The sign up deadline for Medicare part d is December 7th. To learn more about it, talk to your local pharmacy or go online to