Houghton County Cougar Sighting

A cougar is prowling the western parts of upper Michigan.

The Department of Natural Resources says a trail camera took this photo of a radio–collared cougar just north of Hancock on November 13th.

The cougar’s radio collar is clearly visible.

Property owner Jesse Chynoweth submitted the pictures to the DNR for confirmation.

A DNR wildlife biologist says this is the third time this animal has been captured on trail cameras in the U.P.

And the Wisconsin DNR says the same cat was caught on two trail camera pictures as it passed through that area.

The DNR has also verified a set of tracks from a cougar in southern Keweenaw County on November 20th.

In that incident, the cougar passed about 30 feet from a deer hunter.

If you see a cougar, or evidence of one, the DNR wants to know.

You can report it by calling the department’s 24–hour Report All Poaching line at 1-800–292–7800.