Iron & Dickinson County Deer Season

Michigan’s firearm deer season only has one more day to go.

All indications are that the northern u–p is having a very good year, but what about the southern U.P.?

The herd has been strong in Iron and Dickinson Counties as well.

Weather conditions have been ideal, so hunters are telling the DNR they intend to stay in the woods right up until the close of the season.

DNR wildlife biologist Monica Joseph says the number of deer they’ve checked in at the Crystal Falls field office is down from last year, but the nearest butcher shop has seen more venison come through there than last year.

Chronic wasting disease has been a concern at times for deer in some portions of Michigan.

But Joseph says there hasn’t been a trace of it in any deer that have been brought to her in crystal falls.

The 2011 U.P. muzzleloader season starts this Friday.

It ends Sunday night, December 11th.

The late archery season starts this Thursday and ends on New Year’s Day.