DNR Wildlife Spending Priorities

now, to the finances ofhunting.

The Michigan DNR’s Wildlife Division does not receive any general fund money from the state.

The department’s U.P. wildlife supervisor says many people around the state don’t know that.

Some other divisions of the DNR do receive some general fund money, but not much.

Terry Minzey says it comes out to $1.67 a year from the average Michigan taxpayer.

Residents have complained that the wildlife division spends too much money on non–hunted species.

The DNR agrees and is shifting the spending priority to game animals.

He says wolf management is an example — the DNR has cut spending on wolf management by 50% this year.

Minzey says since the Wildlife Division’s revenue is derived from game hunters, it only makes sense to devote most of the spending to game species management.

He says many non-game species should benefit from the change as well.