Firearm Deer Season & Businesses

The Michigan DNR says firearm deer season brings nearly 100,000 people into the woods in the U.P. every year.

Those hunters need supplies, and if they’ve traveled, they may need a place to stay.

There’s also an effort to re–imagine firearm season as a unique time for local women.

ABC 10 News Now senior reporter Mike Hoey has that story.

November is always a busy time for Wilderness Sports in Ishpeming.

Zach Quayle says people are still coming in to buy their deer licenses, as well as supplies like propane, hand warmers and orange clothing.

The Cedar Motor Inn in Marquette Township has had more business overall this year than last.

But unlike most years, the clientele this time doesn’t seem to include deer hunters.

Co-owner Lyn Durant says they’ve traditionally had at least one large group of hunters who stay at the inn for a week or so, but this year, they don’t have any hunters at all.

Lyn isn’t alone in having more vacancies in mid–November than at most times of the year.

Pat Black from the Marquette Country Convention and Visitors Bureau says up until this past weekend, hotel reservations were very strong, but she says they always take a hit during firearm season.

So she’s trying to pitch the season to U.P. women as a time to come to Marquette to pamper themselves in the shops, restaurants and spas.

She says women in many cases need some period of time to catch up with their girlfriends or relatives that they don’t get to spend time with as often as they’d like.

Black says many businesses are taking part in Marquette’s Ladies Night in the City Thursday night.

Women will see have a good time socializing with one another and spending a few bucks while many of their husbands will be in a deer blind trying to bag a buck.