“We Hear You America” Contest Returning

Tomorrow, a contest that proved very helpful for a U.P. community last year is making a comeback.

Readers Digest magazine is starting a new round of its “We Hear You America” contest.

The last round wrapped up in February.

Grand Marais won the $40,000 first prize to help rebuild its breakwall and restore the harbor.

People from all 50 states voted for Grand Marais in the online contest.

Burt Township Supervisor Jack Hubbard says the national publicity the first-place finish attracted to the area was worth a great deal more than the prize money itself.

He says it convinced state lawmakers that the harbor project isn’t just for area residents, but for everybody.

Grand Marais has raised $200,000 toward the project, and the We Hear You America prize money is part of that.

The Michigan legislature has approved $5 million for the project.

But the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is standing in the way.

Hubbard says the Corps has told the community for nearly 10 years now that as soon as the project could be paid for, it would begin.

He calls it disappointing that the Corps is balking at building the new breakwall now that there’s enough money at hand to pay for it.

Hubbard says Burt Township officials and residents wish to proceed with the harbor project, even if the Army Corps of Engineers doesn’t get on board.

Residents have asked for the harbor to be improved since the 1950’s.