Five NMU Hockey Freshmen charged with Misdemeanors

Five NMU Wildcat Hockey Players will appear in Marquette County District Court one month from now, to stand trial on charges of stealing bicycles.

Dylan Walchuk, Mitchell Jones, Eric Walker, Jake Baker, and Daniel Vandercook Jr., are each looking at misdemeanor charges and fines, stemming from the theft of bicycles, which occurred in late September.

All 5 players were arrested and posted bail. Of the 5 players, Walchuk, Jones, and Baker have each seen significant playing time for NMU this season. All 5 players have waived their arraignments and pretrial conferences in October, and will stand trial in Marquette County District Court on December 6th.

ABC 10 contacted NMU athletics about an interview for this story, but they declined comment. We will keep an eye for you on this story as it develops.