Prelim Exams on Robbery-Related Charges

It was another day in court in Houghton County for two young men charged in robbery attempts.

The attempted break-in of an ATM and attempted robbery at a bank occurred earlier this month.

ABC 10 Keweenaw Bureau reporter Rick Allen has the details.

A dramatic turn of events in 97th District Court today.

18–year–old Paden Rothenberger and 20–year–old Gordon Lewis were brought separately before a judge for their preliminary hearings involving an alleged break–in of an ATM at the Miners State Bank in South Range on October 4th.

Rothenberger waived his right to a hearing in exchange for testifying against Lewis, his suspected partner in the break–in.

Lewis sat expressionless in court as Rothenberger was called to the stand.

Rothenberger said his own charges would be reduced to attempted safebreaking for agreeing to testify and would receive consideration for his cooperation in the other charges he faces.

Those include the attempted robbery of the Superior National Bank in Chassell in mid–October.

Lewis is also being charged with breaking into a locker at the Student Development Complex at Michigan Tech where he allegedly stole a pair of jeans with a wallet and set of car keys inside.

Lewis is accused of taking bank cards from the wallet and using them at an ATM to withdraw hundreds of dollars from a victim’s account.

Lewis’ lawyer asked for a reduction in the $25,000 bond on his client, but the judge turned him down, fearing for the public’s safety.

Rothenberger walked out of the courtroom free on bond.

Lewis was bound over for trial at a later date.