New Marquette County Clerk

Marquette County passes the torch today to its new county clerk.

Peter Dishnow was recently chosen to step in as the new clerk, and he was sworn in this afternoon.

Dishnow is a Marquette County native and was once an assistant city clerk in Ishpeming.

He’s worked for the Michigan Bureau of Elections for more than 20 years.

Dishnow says it’s been kind of intimidating to get acclimated to the new job so far, but he says he’s inheriting a top-notch staff from retiring county clerk Connie Branam and is grateful for that.

Much of what the clerk does is related to elections, so Dishnow is very familiar with that part of his new job.

But other elements of the job may be uncharted territory for him.

He says he may have to do weddings — which he says he’ll try to avoid as much as he can.

Today was Connie Branam’s last day on the job as clerk.

She’s worked in the clerk’s office since 1979 and served as county clerk since 2003.