Cell Phones for Soldiers at mBank

It’s tough to imagine being a world away from your family and not be able to connect with them over the phone.

But this is a reality for many of our soldiers overseas.

Eventually, everyone upgrades to a new cell phone, but it’s what you do with the old one that’s so important.

A non–profit organization called Cell Phones for Soldiers collects old phones, processes them and then distributes phone cards to soldiers overseas.

mBank assistant vice president Shelby Bischoff says it’s a fantastic program, and because others within the bank agree with that, mBank has joined in by setting up collection boxes at both of its Marquette branches.

Cell Phones for Soldiers has set a goal of collecting more than a million phones this year, and in just a week, mBank has collected more than 120 cell phones and accessories.

If you want to help soliders keep in touch with their loved ones, you can drop of your cell phone at either mBank branch in Marquette.