Benishek Joins Great Lakes Task Force

WASHINGTON, DC: First District Congressman Dan Benishek today announced he has joined the bipartisan House Great Lakes Task Force (GLTF). The Task Force also includes Reps. Dave Camp, John Dingell, Dale Kildee, Sander Levin, Thaddeus McCotter, Candice Miller, and Fred Upton of the Michigan Congressional Delegation.

“The Great Lakes are the economic and recreational lifeblood of Michigan’s First Congressional District. I am privileged to join my Congressional colleagues on the bipartisan Great Lakes Task Force,” said Benishek, a lifelong resident of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

“I am very proud to welcome Congressman Dan Benishek on this bipartisan group of members who are dedicated to protecting our nation’s national treasure, the Great Lakes,” said Rep. Candice Miller, who serves as co-chair of the 26 member organization and was named the 2011 Great Lakes Legislator of the Year. “Congressman Benishek understands the support Great Lakes shipping provides, which is an economic driver to our home state of Michigan and neighboring Great Lakes states, as well as the vital importance of protecting the Lakes and the ecosystems they support. I look forward to joining forces with him on this task force.”

Benishek stated the GLTF is aimed at protecting and defending the Great Lakes, as well as promoting the economic impact the Lakes provide to the region. Over the past three decades the Task Force has worked on issues such as lake restoration initiatives, environmental clean-up projects, and invasive species control efforts. According to the GLTF, the Great Lakes contain one-fifth of the world’s fresh surface water, supply clean drinking water to some 30 million people and directly supported 1.5 million jobs in the United States.

“Growing up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, I was fortunate to be able to visit two of the Great Lakes after a short drive on any given day. My hope is that future generations will be able to enjoy the blessings and beauty of these wonders of the natural world like I have,” added Benishek, who serves on the House Committee on Natural Resources.

Michigan’s First Congressional District has over 1,600 miles of shoreline—the most in the continental United States and is the only District with shoreline on three of the five Great Lakes.