Pink Warrior Calender

200,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed every year.

There is still some controversy on how often mammograms should be performed and when a woman should have the first one.

The u–s preventive services task force says every other year, beginning at age 50.

But, the American Cancer Society recommends annual exams beginning at age 40.

Talk with your doctor…and your insurance company…to determine the right approach for you.

One group that advocates mammograms is featured in a tool that Marquette general hospital uses to raise money during breast cancer awareness month

The Marquette general foundation created a ‘pink warriors’ calendar two years ago.

it’s back now after taking last year off.

this year’s edition is dubbed ‘power in numbers’, reinforcing the idea that no one has to suffer alone.

The calendar costs 20 dollars.

One of Marquette General’s Vice Presidents is a breast cancer survivor.

and she’s shown on the calendar for the month of January.

The calendar is a bit different this year, because two male breast cancer survivors are pictured in it.

you can find it in many Marquette–area stores