Coin Appraiser in the U.P.

If you are a coin collection, you might be sitting on a mint…

one upper Michigan bank has brought in an authority on the matter to help residents discover the worth and history of their coins.

A coin appraiser will be onsite of an m–bank branch in Marquette again tomorrow.

Older gold and silver coins are a good way to potentially put extra cash in your pockets, plus you never know what kind of coins you might see while having yours appraised.

An important fact to remember about your coin collection is that cleaning them is not always best, cleaning your coin or bills can actually decrease them in value.

It is best to leave them in their original condition.

cook will be available at the m–bank branch on McClellan avenue in Marquette tomorrow from 9– 4 and in Sault Ste. Marie ridge street location Thursday.