New U.P. Book — “New Breast Friends”

Throughout October, we’ve been bringing you stories related to the fact that this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Tonight, we introduce you to the wife of the state senator for most of the U.P.

She’s survived the disease and has written a book about her experiences.

ABC 10 News Now senior reporter Mike Hoey has that story.

Diane Casperson of Escanaba is a two–time breast cancer survivor.

She was diagnosed when she was 39 and then again at age 46.

She says as she spoke with women’s groups about both of those ordeals, many women asked her if she’d thought about writing a book.

And she did think about it.

When her daughter married Cyndi Wakefield’s son two years ago, the two in–law moms began working on it.

Wakefield says Casperson was very emotional at the time of the wedding about the fact that she’d survived to see the wedding and wanted to get her story down on paper.

Cyndi says it was also a good time in her life to work on the manuscript, since she’d wanted to write for quite some time but the idea was always on the back burner for her.

Now it’s on the front burner, just like the scrambled eggs they were fixing for breakfast when we visited them.

The book is titled “New Breast Friends” and it was recently published.

Diane and Cyndi base the book around the thought — “I’m not famous, but cancer is, so read, cry, laugh and know that you’re not alone”.

The book is available on by clicking here, and it’s making its way to U.P. bookstores and specialty shops.