Demand for Foster Parents

The U.P. Children’s Coalition and others are trying to show that no one has to be perfect to be a perfect parent.

The last official count, from 2009, had about 200 U.P. kids in foster care.

But an informal count in Marquette County from August found more than 100.

There were only about 50 registered foster families, so there’s a huge need for more parents.

Norma Semashko, executive director of Child and Family Services of the U.P., says she believes the demand has gone up quite a bit within the last 5 years or so.

The Children’s Coalition, Child and Family Services and others hosted an informational meeting this afternoon.

they asked foster parents to share their experiences.

One of them, Glenn Wing of Diorite, says he wants prospective parents to know that it’s certainly not easy.

But he says it’s very rewarding to know you’re doing something to make a better world.

It takes 2 to 6 months to go through the approval process and become a foster parent.

if you want more information about becoming a foster parent, you can contact Child and Family Services of the U.P. in Marquette.