Boilers, Furnaces & Fire Safety

Today is the first day of National Fire Prevention Week.

Firefighters nationwide are doing what they can to get the word out about safety.

We’ve seen a warm patch so far in October, but this is about the time that many of us will begin to crank up the heat in our homes.

Firefighters recommend that you have your boiler or furnace inspected and serviced once a year.

Marquette Fire Department fire inspector Paul Enrietti says a licensed electrical contractor should perform those tasks.

He says the inspection and service will involve cleaning the burners.

They’ll also make sure your chimney or vents are clear, since soot has to have someplace to go.

this is apparently a good time of year to have the inspection done.

Enrietti says the fall is the best time because it means the furnace or boiler will be in good working order before it’s needed for the winter season.

Throughout the week, we’ll look at several other safety issues that firefighters want residents to be aware of.