“The Wizard of the West” hits Calumet

Young actors and actresses will have a busy week ahead of them as they prepare for their show at the Calumet Theater. Roughly 150 students auditioned for the Missoula’s Children’s Theater production of The Wiz of The West Monday afternoon. There were only about 50 roles available so the competition was tough.

Each budding performer was asked to repeat lines, perform dance steps, and even do a little improve. Missoula’s Jocelyn Beornstead and Ivory Staley said they were looking for three distinct traits. Choosing between the students—ranging from kids in Kindergarten to Seniors in High School—was difficult but Jocelyn and Ivory were pleased with the large turnout.

So what’s next for these young performers? A week of intense practice with a huge payoff at the end. The show will take place on Friday, October 7th at 7pm and Saturday, October 8th at 1pm at the Calumet Theater. The students will be performing The Wiz of the West. But what is a spinoff of Wizard of Oz without a Dorothy? Ellen Jarvis, a Senior at Hancock High School, landed the lead role…Dotty, in this show. Ellen says she was confident but nervous at the same time.

Ellen is a veteran of these plays. She first came out when she was only in 6th grade and was already a star. For Ellen, landing a starring role in this year’s production is like a dream come true.