Follow-Up on Massive Meth Lab Bust

By the numbers, here’s the recent war on drugs in the Marquette area.

Five meth labs have been busted in the past three weeks, and 15 people have been taken into custody in the past several days.

The names of some of the suspects in the most recent trio of meth lab busts have been released.

The Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team and the DEA spearheaded the investigation.

The Marquette U.S. Attorney’s Office says 11 of those arrested are Megan Hughes, Kristine Beltrame, Russell Beaudry, Norman Bradbury,

Max Christensen, Christopher Brow, Leann Horton, Larry Lindberg, Harm Nix, Matthew Tulle and Christopher McCormick.

Those individuals face federal charges of knowingly and intentionally purchasing more than nine grams of psuedopedrine within 90 days.

The over-the-counter nasal and sinus congestion medication is available at local drug and discount stores, but it has to be signed for with the pharmacy.

The active ingredient, ephedrine, is used as a base for the manufacture of methamphetamine.

about 40 officers participated in the coordinated effort of this investigation.

Indictments for a total of 17 suspects were obtained, and additional charges are being sought in the case.

A meth lab was discovered in an apartment at 1005 West Ridge Street in Marquette last Wednesday as police investigated a fatal shooting.

No charges have been filed except a parole violation against 22-year-old Tyler Wolf.

He is still being held without bond in the Marquette County Jail as the investigation continues.

Wolf was living in the apartment where the shooting took place.

A Marquette man was shot and killed, and a woman Wolf was living with was injured.