100 Watt Bulb Phase Out

Countries around the world began phasing out the old 100 watt incandescent light bulbs we all know so well back as early as 2005.

And now the united states is following suit.

The phase out is being implemented in an effort to conserve more energy.

Lighting makes up about 14 percent of the nation’s energy usage.

Switching to a more efficient bulb such as the compact florescent light or c–f–l could save an enormous amount of energy.

C–f–l’s cost three to four dollars.

Which is a little more expensive than the incandescent bulb.

But in the long run you will be putting more money back into your pocket through energy savings.

And c–f–l’s have undergone some changes and improvements over the last few years, giving you plenty of lighting options.

Another benefit to c–f–l’s is the fact that they are recyclable.

Michigan energy options has set up more than 200 sites across the state of michigan, ten of which are in the u–p.