Meth Lab Workshop for EMS Workers

One of the 70 different workshops taking place at the 30th annual U.P. EMS Conference over the next few days involves a hot topic for area law enforcement, especially those in Marquette county — methamphetamine labs.

So far this year, discoveries of meth labs have made headlines in the U.P. every few weeks or so.

Obviously, the labs are dangerous for the people using the finished product, for meth manufacturers and for their neighbors.

But the danger from the labs doesn’t end there.

Bob Struck of U.P. EMS Corporation says the labs are dangerous for first responders, too, because just encountering the chemicals used to produce meth can be fatal.

Two meth labs have been discovered in the city of Marquette just this month.

Police uncovered one of those yesterday at the scene of the fatal shooting on West Ridge Street.

Struck says it’s unfortunate that a workshop like this one would be necessary, but he says that it is.

The meth lab workshop is taking place at the EMS Conference on Saturday at NMU’s University Center.