Man Arrested With Mobile Meth Lab

A mobile meth lab in Marquette is busted…one man is in custody tonight.

We’ve told you about the discovery of numerous meth labs in the past 12 months, but this one has a more ominous tone to it: it was found at a gas station.

37 year old Andrew Beaudry of Marquette is in police custody tonight.

He is charged with possession of a controlled substance and operating and maintaining a methamphetamine lab

He was arrested at the Holiday Gas Station in Marquette after a mobile meth lab was found in his car.

Around 6 a.m., an employee at the gas station asked police to do a well being check on a man who had apparently passed out behind the wheel of his car in the parking lot.

Officers from the Marquette Police Department found Beaudry and, what turned out to be a meth lab in this late model Subaru.

Crews from the Marquette city police and fire departments secured the area until upset arrived to dismantle the lab.

A disposal team from downstate was called in pick up the chemicals.

This is a growing problem in the central Upper Peninsula.

In fact, it’s cost the city of Marquette thousands of dollars to clean up similar meth labs this year.

But this mobile meth lab is off the street, thanks to the Holiday employee who called police on the suspicious man

The items used to create meth include standard household supplies, but used together – they are highly combustible.

Police say this vehicle was not just a danger to the driver.

It could have created a disaster if the meth contents had exploded near the gas pumps.

Andrew Beaudry is in the Marquette county jail.