Canoeist Safe, with Mild Hpothermia

A 28 year old Marquette man is recovering tonight after a series of unfortunate events.

He was on a canoe trip along the Fox River between Seney and Germfask.

Frank Lindberg was reported missing just before midnight last night.

The Schoolcraft County Sheriff’s Department was told Lindberg was overdue from a canoe trip.

No one had heard from him since a text message at about 4 p–m Tuesday.

In that text, Lindberg told his girlfriend he didn’t know where he was, his paddle was broken and his cell phone battery was almost dead.

Two of Lindberg’s friends walked several miles of the Fox River looking for him before they called for help.

The Sheriff’s Office –along with a Coast Guard helicopter from traverse city –searched for Lindberg for a couple of hours through remote, difficult terrain.

They found him about six miles south of Seney.

He had mild hypothermia.