Debbie Stabenow Visits U.P.

Michigan’s junior U.S. Senator visits to let residents know about something new she has going on in Washington D.C. and how that might affect the U.P.

Senator Debbie Stabenow visited the Marquette Economic Club this morning.

She took over in January as the chair of the Senate’s Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee.

And that new role should make it easier for her to advocate in washington for an important sector of michigan’s economy — 1 in 4 Michigan jobs are related to agriculture in some way.

Most of us are familiar with biofuels like ethanol or the wood biomass made through ventures like Renewafuel at K.I. Sawyer, but bio–based manufacturing may not be as familiar.

Stabenow says the concept is taking off with soybeans — if you buy a new Ford F-150 or Chevy Volt, you’ll be sitting on soybeans.

Soy foam is used for the padding of the seats instead of a petroleum byproduct.

In keeping with her senate leadership role, stabenow also visited Gustafson’s Cattle Farm in rapid river earlier this afternoon.

The farm has expanded with help from of the u–s department of agriculture.

Her itinerary also took her to the Negaunee Senior Center, where she spoke with residents about economic issues, Medicare and Social Security.