Day 3 of Snyder U.P. Visit

Governor Rick Snyder’s Upper Peninsula visit is now in its third day.

He made 3 stops in Marquette County during the day and is currently on a 4th stop in Delta County.

The governor began the day with a breakfast meeting at Northern Michigan University with president Dr. Les Wong.

They, and other NMU and state officials, met about the future of the USOEC.

They discussed NMU’s WiMax high speed wireless Internet service.

And of course, the subject of funding cuts to the Public 15 came up.

Snyder says he knows he asked for very deep cuts to colleges and universities for the next fiscal year.

But he says if the economy doesn’t backslide any further, he says the Public 15 shouldn’t see any funding cuts in 2013.

Dr. Wong has said funding metrics for the Public 15 punish rural schools at the expense of more urban institutions like the University of Michigan and Michigan State.

Snyder has asked the presidents of the public 15 schools to help him and the legislature develop a more fair way of funding.

The governor is on the campus of Bay College in Escanaba right now.

He’s holding a town hall meeting to address questions from residents.