Marquette General Therapies

A local hospital has teamed up with a local rehab service facility to help provide U.P. residents better access to services.

Marquette General and U.P. Rehab Services have partnered up to form Marquette General Therapies.

The new group will better be able to provide services for patients through out the U.P.

Terry Tripp, owner of U.P. Rehab Services, says he’s taking on all the physical, occupational and speech therapists from MGH as well as the patients.

They are even expanding their main facility to meet patients’ demand.

Marquette General Therapies’ main building is in Marquette Township next to Target.

They have 2 locations within the city of Marquette — one in the Medical Center building and one at MGH — as well as facilities in Negaunee, Gwinn and Escanaba.