NMU Wildcat Hockey Fan Reception for Alumni Players

The first day of July certainly isn\’t a time when ice is on most of our minds.
But if you were in Marquette tonight and if you enjoy hockey, there\’s a good chance the NMU Wildcats were on your mind.
Upfront and Company hosted an informal reception tonight where fans could come say hello to many former NMU players from throughout the years.
And NMU\’s longtime head coach, Rick Comley, was there too.
He\’s returned to the U.P. after retiring from the Michigan State job in March, the job he left Marquette for.
Comley says he and his wife had been planning for several years to return to Marquette after he retired, and he\’s thrilled to be part of something like this when he\’s just moving back into town.
Comley, former players, and fans gathered to share mementos and thoughts of their time around NMU.
That included one of the 1991 national title team players who enjoyed 16 years in the NHL.
Dallas Drake says being part of that NCAA championship team was second only to closing his NHL career in 2008 with the Stanley Cup-winning Red Wings as the greatest moment of his hockey life, something he\’ll never forget.
This informal meeting with fans is part of a weekend–long hockey reunion in Marquette for NMU players, many of whom haven\’t seen former teammates and friends of theirs in 20 years or more.